Features To Expect From Your Coach Hire Company

There are many qualities that distinguish a low-budget-no-frills coach hire company from a first rate, customer focussed one. Judging the calibre of the services offered based principally on the company’s website is a classic error.

Allow us to give you some pointers that will help you see beyond impressively designed websites, and will assist you in finding a top notch coach hire company that you can really trust.


The issue of safety is always paramount when choosing a coach hire company. Thankfully, government regulations clearly stipulate the standards to which companies must adhere when providing a coach hire service. Customers should choose providers with modern vehicles that undergo regular safety checks by independent garages, as well as those who specify that they follow the regulations stipulated by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

For those booking coach travel on behalf of children or vulnerable adults, they can receive added peace of mind by selecting coach companies who employ drivers in possession of an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate. This credential safeguards against any unsuitable people working with vulnerable individuals.

Customer Service

Before contacting any of the coach hire companies about whom you have done research online, be sure to check independent review sites such as Trust Pilot and Google. Moreover, take a look at the coach company’s social media sites to check their level of responsiveness to customer questions, queries and complaints. This will give you a very important insight in to their level of professionalism.

A further reasonable service to expect from a high quality coach hire company is the allocation of your own private account manager. Hiring a vehicle for a special event is not simply a matter of transporting a large number of passengers from point A to point B, there are numerous other factors that need to be considered and discussed in detail before ultimately deciding on a coach hire provider. Dealing with one specific named contact, who is in a position to take full responsibility for your booking and ensure that all of your requests are carried out to the necessary standard, will ensure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible.

A 24 hour customer care helpline should also be available as standard from any reputable coach hire company; after all, coach journeys don’t only take place during office hours, so it is essential that organisers are able to keep in touch with their provider at all times.

Choice and Authenticity

Coach Hire Companies providing a wide range of vehicles with passenger capacity from 16 to 88 are more likely to offer better value for money; they do this through having a higher probability of providing vehicles which more closely meet the capacity requirements of their customers. Additionally, more reputable companies will offer a price match guarantee, meaning that you have the chance of choosing a provider that best meets your logistical requirements as well as your budget!

One final and important factor to consider is that not all coach hire companies are huge enough to have a large fleet of vehicles with their name emblazoned in large font on the exterior. Consequently, many smaller companies often take on bookings that they cannot fulfil, and later subcontract these out to other providers who do not adhere to the same standards. In such circumstances the quality of service invariably deteriorates; therefore, these companies should be avoided at all times.

If you have any questions, contact Coach Hire Link today to speak to one of our trained customer advisers who will be able to talk you through our range of vehicles available for your event.




Modern Coach Travel

How many times have you passed through the business or first class cabin of an airline, marvelling at the spacious luxury interior, en route to the economy section, upon which you experience that sinking feeling as you take in the confines of the environment to which you will be subjected for the duration of your journey?

This brief glimpse into this other world, one in which only a select few of us will ever have the chance to afford, is one of life’s cruel little jokes – but thankfully, other transport options are catching up quickly and offering equally high levels of comfort and style at a fraction of the cost.

Modern engineering and innovative design are thoroughly challenging the public’s perception of coach travel, enabling those with limited means to experience the comfort of travelling in style on board spacious vehicles with the types of facilities only ever enjoyed by first class passengers before.

Forget everything you remember about those pre millennium coaches with their rows and rows of tightly packed nylon seats that squeak with every movement, and imagine instead a whole other concept of coach travel with fewer seats that maximise passenger comfort.

Experience the pleasure of sinking deep into soft leather armchairs that fully recline, situated either side of wide aisles with a choice of double or single seats for those who wish to enjoy extra privacy. Add to this plenty of leg room, coupled with optional foot rests, and the majority of us would be highly satisfied sitting comfortably for hours enjoying touchscreen TV with an interactive entertainment system containing a wide selection of films, TV programmes and computer games. However, for those wanting even more, the latest vehicles belie further modern amenities behind their sleek, blacked out windows; should passengers wish to leave their seat at any point during their journey, they have the option of socialising in spacious rear lounges offering tea and coffee facilities, in addition to a selection of hot and cold refreshments from an on board kitchen.

Other modern features on board 21st century luxury coaches include well equipped wash room facilities, high speed wifi and individual USB charging points as standard, as well as satellite navigation allowing passengers to follow their route and stay informed about their remaining journey time. The duration might still exceed alternative transport options at times, but with luxuries like these the time will fly by, and passengers are guaranteed to arrive rested and relaxed.

So is this the transport of the future? With an ever increasing public awareness of the environmental impact caused by other forms of transport, coach travel remains the least damaging to the atmosphere, with each vehicle carrying significantly more passengers per litre of fuel than the private motor car. With all vehicles fitted with seat belts and required to undergo rigorous safety inspections on a regular basis by independent garages, modern coach travel is also statistically safer than any other form of transport.