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    coach hire prices

Coach Hire Prices vary depending on many factors, including the type of coach, number of passengers and time of year.

This page aims to simplify the cost structure and explain the different aspects that can affect the price of each journey.

Firstly, we’ll start with a simple list of the types of coaches available, and the average prices per hour, per mile and per day.  Then we’ll give examples of some of the typical trips we organise, along with the factors that determine their cost.

Lastly, you’ll find some further tips and hints to take into account when calculating the cost of your booking.

Average Coach Prices Per Hour

  • 16 Seater Standard: £21-42
  • 30 Seater Standard: £29-50
  • 53 Seater Standard: £42-70
  • 75 Seater Standard: £55-84
  • 16 Seater Executive: £32-49
  • 30 Seater Executive: £41-62
  • 53 Seater Executive: £49-82
  • 75 Seater Executive: £62-96
  • 16 Seater VIP: £39-56
  • 30 Seater VIP: £49-74
  • 53 Seater VIP: £64-94
  • 75 Seater VIP: £75-108

Average Coach Prices Per Mile

  • 16 Seater Standard: £1.75/mile
  • 30 Seater Standard: £2.10/mile
  • 53 Seater Standard: £2.90/mile
  • 75 Seater Standard: £3.50/mile
  • 16 Seater Executive: £2.05/mile
  • 30 Seater Executive: £2.60/mile
  • 53 Seater Executive: £3.40/mile
  • 75 Seater Executive: £4.00/mile
  • 16 Seater VIP: £2.35/mile
  • 30 Seater VIP: £3.10/mile
  • 53 Seater VIP: £3.90/mile
  • 75 Seater VIP: £4.50/mile

Average Coach Prices Per Day

  • 16 Seater Standard: £175-420/day
  • 30 Seater Standard: £245-504/day
  • 53 Seater Standard: £315-696/day
  • 75 Seater Standard: £385-840/day
  • 16 Seater Executive: £205-624/day
  • 30 Seater Executive: £315-724/day
  • 53 Seater Executive: £385-816/day
  • 75 Seater Executive: £455-960/day
  • 16 Seater VIP: £235-564/day
  • 30 Seater VIP: £385-744/day
  • 53 Seater VIP: £455-936/day
  • 75 Seater VIP: £525-1080/day

Examples of Coach Hire Quotes

Example 1: Thorpe Park Resort

Let’s imagine that a school in Birmingham are looking to hire a 75 Seater Executive Coach, to transport 10 teachers and 65 children. They’d like to depart from the school premises in Birmingham at 10am, and the journey to Thorpe Park will take approximately 2.5 hours each way. They’ll stay at the park for 5 hours, so the total amount of time for which they’ll be needing the coach is 10 hours in total. The quote they receive would be £960.

Example 2: Snowdonia Mountain Walk

In this case, a group of adult hikers are in need of a 53 Seater Executive coach to collect them from a pick up point in Watford at 5am. Their journey to Snowdonia National Park will take up to 4 hours and 45 minutes, with an additional 45 minute driver break. All going to plan, they should reach their destination at around 10:30am. They’ll be hiking in the area for 7.5 hours, and would like to return at 6pm, in order to be back home in Watford for approximately 11.30pm. The total distance covered during both journeys would be 442 miles, so the quote they receive would be £1500.

Example 3: A Three Day Tour

A group of 30 holiday-makers are looking to hire a minibus for 3 days, during which time they’ll need to provide accommodation for their driver. The first day of their tour starts in London at 10am, where they’ll be heading off to Cadbury World in Birmingham, finishing the day at a nearby hotel at 6pm. Day 2 of their trip will begin at 10am, where they’ll be collected from their hotel and taken to Manchester United Football Stadium, and then on to a local hotel later in the day at 6pm. Day 3 of their tour will require an early pick up from their Manchester Hotel, followed by a two hour journey to The Lake District, and finishing off at Lake Windermere Hotel at 6pm. The group received a quote of £1488 for the 3 days.

Coach Hire Prices can add up quickly if you’re not careful, so we’ve put together some advice to ensure you get the most value for your money. Have a quick look at the factors to consider when making your booking, followed by our tips to save you money!

6 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Coach

1. Your Choice of Coach

The most significant factor to consider when hiring a coach is your choice of vehicle. Depending on your requirements, the price can vary by several hundred pounds per day depending on whether you choose a Standard, Executive or VIP coach.

2. Number of Passengers

The amount of people who need transporting is also an important point to take into account. Many coach hire companies supply vehicles with passenger capacity ranging from 40 up to 60 seats. There is also the choice of double decker coaches for larger groups, or mini buses for smaller amounts of people.

3. Distance and Duration of Journey

Coach Hire Prices are affected by government legislation, which requires companies to provide 2 drivers for all journeys exceeding 15 hours. Thinking about the location of the company you choose, in relation to your pick up point and final destination, is likely to contribute towards travel time and the final cost.

4. Location

A further factor to consider when budgeting for your coach journey is the area of The UK in which you will be travelling. Coach operators in London, for example, are required to adhere to local legislation which obliges them to use modern, low emission vehicles in order to contribute to cleaner air quality. Subsequently, the majority of the vehicles operated by companies within the capital tend to be newer and more expensive, compared with those based elsewhere in The UK.

5. Additional expenses such as Tolls and Charges

The issue of toll roads and ferry crossing charges, which may be applicable in some cases, is something that needs to be taken into account when budgeting for a coach trip. Be sure to speak to the coach operator in advance in order to enquire about any such fees.

6. Time of the Year

Coach Hire Prices also highly depend on the time of year in which your booking is made. As with many services, the price increases significantly at peak times, such as summer, Christmas and during major festival and horse racing events.

6 Tips To Save You Money On Your Coach Journey

1. Your Choice of Coach

Consider which on-board facilities are required by your passengers, and opt for a Standard Coach if on a tight budget (rather than Executive or VIP).

2. Number of Passengers

Shop around and find a coach company that is able to provide one single vehicle which most closely meets the passenger capacity that you require. Choosing one vehicle rather than several in order to transport your group will contribute towards keeping costs to a minimum.

3. Distance and Duration of Journey

Where possible, dispense of the additional cost of providing an extra driver for journeys exceeding 15 hours, and try to compact your day’s activities into 15 hours or fewer. Making your booking with a local coach operator will also assist in reducing overall costs, while ensuring that your driver is more familiar with the road layout as well as any restrictions there may be.

4. Location

If travelling to or from a major city requiring coach operators to provide the latest and most expensive vehicles, consider choosing a company that is based outside the centre. There may be other ways that you can be transported to your destination while still staying within your budget.

5. Additional expenses such as Tolls and Charges

Tolls and crossing charges are placed in strategic locations along busy routes, but can often be avoided with careful planning in advance. We recommend asking your coach operator about travelling in another direction; this may bypass any charges, while still delivering you to your final destination within approximately the same amount of time.

6. Time of the Year

While it may not be possible to celebrate Christmas two months earlier in order to avoid the additional expense of travelling at this peak time of the year, substantial savings can be incurred if bookings are made as far in advance as possible. The same goes for all other times of the year

And finally…

It’s a little known fact that discounts are often available to many charities, so if you’re organising an event on behalf of a charitable organisation, then be sure to ask your coach operator if they offer any concessions.

Coach Hire Link offer a variety of travel options for all occasions within London or anywhere in the UK, and always make every effort to ensure our customers enjoy the highest quality of service in the safest and most comfortable vehicles. Our prices are competitive and our dedication to providing a high quality of service ensures that your booking will be dealt with in a professional and reliable manner. In order to discuss your requirements in more detail just contact us through any of the options on this site and let’s start planning your journey.

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