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Events & Festivals

Event Coach Hire transport large numbers of fervent concert and festival goers up and down the length of the country to ensure they have that chance to go a little wild.

Those concerts or theatre performances taking place at large venues in city centres generally only have ‘limited parking available’ for private motorists – which often translates as none at all. Attempting to arrange a meeting point among literally thousands of other attendees buzzing around looking for their party can invariably be a struggle to say the least. Furthermore, these events tend to go on late into the night when public transport starts winding down or has stopped running altogether.

The most practical solution to this logistical headache is to make a few simple arrangements in advance and spread the cost among everyone to hire one of a selection of coaches or mini buses that will guarantee you all arrive and leave together. What such venues lack in car parking for private motorists, they more than make up for with dedicated drop off spots for coach passengers so we can drop you and your party off yards from the nearest entrance.

Event Coach Hire office staff will liaise with our smartly dressed drivers to inform them of your specific requirements in advance in order to arrange single or multiple pick up points that will transport you and your guests safely and comfortably to your event for a smashing night out. We’ll then be waiting for you immediately after the event to take you directly home from the venue so you don’t have to concern yourselves with the hassle of traipsing through the streets late at night and cramming yourselves onto the train with the rest of the revellers.

Music Festivals

Looking for group transport to one of UK’s major festivals? Whether you need to arrange a minibus and driver for a small group of friends or a fleet of coaches for hundreds of festival goers, we have a transport solution to meet your requirements. Arriving en masse to one of UK’s big festivals in the middle of a field somewhere in the countryside is not the easiest task to facilitate, especially with several day’s worth of food, luggage and camping gear. Returning home afterwards – covered in mud and dreaming of a hot bath – is also no fun when doing so by public transport with thousands of others.

Imagine stepping out of the field and directly onto a spacious and comfortable coach or mini bus driven by a courteous and professional member of our team who will be waiting there ready to transport you back to the warmth of your home. Like the sound of this? Then contact Coach Hire Link today to discuss your requirements in detail – that way, you can focus on enjoying the event, and leave the logistics to us.

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