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The benefits of travelling together

Arriving en masse is one way of ensuring your group receives a superior standard of service in the majority of bars, restaurants or theatres – rather than each person trickling in through the doors individually. Therefore, and depending on the nature of the event you’re planning, this may be reason enough for travelling and arriving together. However, despite the benefits of making a fantastic entrance with your entourage in tow, there are plenty of other reasons why group travel has its advantages over travelling separately.

You see adverts everywhere informing the public that British Rail passengers receive discount prices when travelling in groups of 4 or more, but further inspection of the small print advises that these tickets come with a plethora of restrictions – only valid for passengers of specific ages who are travelling on specific lines on specific days and during specific hours. Ensuring that each passenger in your group meets the strict requirements related to each journey can be more of a mission than simply allowing each individual to make their own way to whichever event you’re organising. Such restrictions, however, don’t apply to coach or mini bus hire, the price of which is clearly set irrespective of these factors.

A further benefit of group travel with a private coach or minibus service is that everyone has the possibility of sitting together for the duration of their journey, rather than playing public transport roulette and potentially being stuck next to a stranger for hours. This will ensure a more comfortable and pleasurable journey both in terms of seating arrangements and privacy, as well as lessening the chances of conflict arising as the responsibility of the group’s prompt arrival is placed in the capable hands of your professional driver.

Additionally, elderly passengers or those with special needs don’t need to feel hesitant or rushed when boarding privately hired vehicles; they won’t face the obstacle of travelling with multitudes of commuters battling for limited space, nor will they have to deal with the challenge of stepping on board prior to the doors automatically closing after a period of 10 seconds.