coach hire

What are the benefits of coach hire?

When you think of coach travel, what comes to mind? School trips? Saga holidays? Rail replacement services? Or a second rate transport option that’s cheaper but also slower and less comfortable?

Many of us have memories of being crammed into shabby old coaches and taken on long journeys along bumpy roads at some point during our childhood, and the truth is that a lot of people probably thank their lucky stars that they’ve managed to avoid having the misfortune of enduring coach travel since then.

However, circumstances change, and modern coach hire companies have really upped their game in recent years. These days they offer a wide variety of different vehicles and transport solutions that are really challenging people’s perceptions, as well as providing viable alternatives to car and rail travel.

There is still the cheap and cheerful end of the market, which crams as many people into as small a space as possible, setting off on the hour every hour in order to provide a purely practical service, but there is also the high end market as well. Stepping on board some luxury coaches can feel like entering a 5 star hotel suite on wheels; there are those with blacked out windows, sleek interiors, fully reclining leather seats with plenty of leg room, in addition to table service and even on board kitchens.

Not everyone has the resources to charter a private jet, but luxury coach travel is a close second when it comes to private hire for large scale professional events. And the advantage is that guests don’t even need to make their way to the airport or the station – they can be collected directly from their door.

Once on board, passengers have the option of conducting meetings if necessary, socialising if they so wish, or simply switching off and relaxing in the kind of comfort that no car, train or reasonably priced airline travel comes anywhere close to competing with. Moreover, even high end coach hire is still more economical than most other standard travel options, and those organising group events have the advantage of arranging for their guests to be collected en masse from one specific location, ensuring that everyone arrives in the right place at the right time.

Private coach hire is also significantly more flexible and reliable than train schedules, and prevents the inevitable stress caused to motorists, who instead can sit back and leave the navigation, traffic congestion and parking restrictions in the hands of the professionals.

Need further convincing? Coach travel is also high up on the list of green transport options, with each vehicle able to carry plenty more passengers on a single tank of petrol than the required number of private motor cars needed for the same amount of passengers. Furthermore, coach travel is statistically safer than private motor cars as all drivers need to adhere to strict rules as a requirement of their licence.

So in light of these features, it’s no wonder that coach travel is enjoying something of a revival these days.